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**Interested in being a Promo gal/guy for CosmicSun?! Fill out the application below and submit it to by the end of THIS month(submissions will no longer be accepted afterAugust 1st) to be considered for one of my promo sponsorships!! <3 Sponsees will get custom handmade garb of their choice;D along with getting to be a part of this Cosmic family <3 

              Cosmic Sun Clothing Sponsorship Application:

          We do NOT discriminate!! All applicants WELCOME <3



Measurements: Please take these measurements in inches(: 





Do you have an Instagram, Facebook, or tumblr page? Any other social networking sites your active on? Please provide names, usernames and any links to these sites. 

Are you active in the festival community? What festivals have you attended in 2014 thus far? Which festivals do you plan on attending for the rest of the year? 

Why would you like to promote Cosmic Sun? 

What is your plan of action to promote Cosmic Sun? Social networking? Festivals? 

Tell me about yourself :D Where are you from? What are some of your passions? Hobbies?  How you would describe yourself? Your style? Ect. Ect.. Gimme the low down <3 

Please send me a full body and portrait shot of yourself!! Professional photos are not required!! Selfies welcome:p , and any other photos you feel really represent YOU 

Please email this application by July 31st to 

Infinite love and light 


Photography by Chloe Carrasco 

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